Ing-Marie Littman

Special education teacher
Acade Media

Presentation title: The daily work and necessity of special education

As a primary teacher and later special education teacher I have been teaching pupils from the age of 7 to the age of 16. I have also served at the Swedish School Inspection, lead the central student health of AcadeMedia’s elementary schools and been compliance manager of AcadeMedia’s pre- and elementary schools. My lecture is about what special education teachers do and why we need special education teachers in both elementary and secondary schools.

Julia Muennich Cowell

Professor Emerita, Rush University College of Nursing
Executive Editor, The Journal of School Nursing

Presentation title: Strategies for Scientific Publishing

The presentation will include the why, what and where to publish as well as steps in preparing manuscripts for publication. Participants will be guided in making clear problem statements as well as importance of using the literature to illuminate the significance of the problem. Once the problem and significance are clear, identifying the target audience guides the choice of journal. Careful use of a journal’s submission guidelines enhances the quality of the manuscript. The presentation will include use of reviewers’ critique for revision or re-working. Examples will be provided from adapted submissions to The Journal of School Nursing.

Martha Dewey Bergren

Director, Advanced Population Health, Health Systems Leadership & Informatics
University of Illinois – Chicago

Presentation title: Facilitating the exchange of evidence and data for school nursing to maximize child health and education 

School nurse scholars and practice leaders are passionate to improve child health and learning. After decades of struggling to breach the vacuum of data and evidence to advise practice and policy, progress has been made toward creating the infrastructure and tools necessary to move the science forward. It is essential to leverage this momentum and accelerate the transformation of data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into quality school nurse practice.  

Pernilla Garmy

Senior Lecturer, School Nurse, RN, MSN, PhD
Kristianstad University / Lund University

Presentation title: In search of the future school nurse

Health promotion and illness prevention are core concepts for school nurses globally. This lecture will focus on challenges and opportunities for school nurses to provide effective care in the future.

Petra Löfstedt

Public Health officer
Public Health Agency

Presentation title: Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC), results from Sweden of the 2017/18 WHO study

The “Health Behaviour in School-aged Children” (HBSC) study is a collaborative World Health Organization (WHO) project. The first HBSC study was conducted in 1983/84. Sweden has been participating since 1985. It takes place every four years. The aim of the study is to gain new insights into young people’s lives and well-being, understand the social determinants of health, follow trends, and cross-country comparison. This seminar presents the latest results collected from 11, 13, and 15 year olds in November and December 2017 in Sweden. It includes data on self-reported health and well-being, social environments and health behaviours.

Valentina Baltag

Scientist, Adolescent Health
Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health
World Health Organization

Presentation title: The global perspective on adolescent health, and the role of school health

The global population of adolescents has never been larger than it is now. The 1.2 billion adolescents in the world today represent more than one sixth (18%) of the global population. Most of them go to school. Globally, over 90% of children in the primary school age, and over 80% of children in the lower secondary school age are enrolled in school. This presentation will bring the global picture of adolescent health and development and will present the latest updates from the World Health Organization on strengthening the role of school health to make adolescents thrive.